Washington Snowriders Inc
Election of Officer April 7th .

Meeting 6:30

Millen Pond Road


Pot luck 6pm

Meeting 6:30

Anyone wishing to hold an office please contact Vivian Clark, Jim Gaskell, or Melissa Taber. 

.  Membership secretary:  mailto:.washsnowriders@gmail.com for any questions concerning registration. 

 2017-2018 Officers


President                              Donald Revane                     drevane@gsinet.net 

Vice President                      Bob Williams                         bwilliams2279@gmail.com

Treasurer                              Brett Taber                    ​           mbtaber@TDS.net

Secretary                              Penny Wilkens                              washsnowriders@gmail.com

Trail Admin/Master             John Thompson                     mrlwjohn@myfairpoint.net

Our officers strive to promote a positive snowmobile atmosphere and working together to benefit of our members and fellow riders that frequent our trail system. If you would like to share your ideas for fundraising, work parties, or trail maintenance you can contact our officers or staff. Better yet come join us for a pot luck meeting and bring your ideas with you! We'd love to have you! 


Welcome to Washington Snow Riders Inc. 

We are a non-profit organization that promotes the sport of snowmobiling in this picturesque New England community. Come join our club rides, fundraising events, Landowner & Snowmobiler's Appreciation Dance and enjoy the small town community spirit we have to offer. 

April 7th meeting will be voting for Officers

Washington Snow Riders Inc.

PO Box 401

Washington, NH 03280


Trail Photos - It was fun while it lasted! 

Welcome to the 2017-2018 season!

Meeting schedule as follows: 

2 Meetings left

March 3, 2018

April 7, 2018 Voting

All meetings will be at Camp Morgan unless otherwise posted. 

Pot luck is 6 pm meeting @ 6:30ish    

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